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Beauty & The Beast / Durban/ 2012

Latoya Newman / Tonight
Sascha Halbhuber last astounded Durban with his talents as emcee in Kickstart Cabaret. This time we get to appreciate a different aspect of Halbhuber’s talents. He ensures from start to finish that he portrays the Beast in every aspect; from his body movement to his voice and constant grunts. His singing is amazing and will give you goose bumps.

Selley Seid / Sunday times
While there is not a single weak character among the ensemble, the Beast (S. Halbhuber) has made the production his own. Filled with angst, riddled with frustration, lonely and unhappy, his damaged Beast is one that the audience can not help but fall in Love with.

Cabaret / Johannesburg & Cape Town / 2012

Eugene Yiga for
Halbhuber, who won the Durban Mercury Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Musi­cal, really puts on an ama­zing per­for­mance that bril­liantly captures Emcee's leering, ghoulish and flam­boyant traits.

Janna van Heerden for whats on in cape town.
In a cast seething with talent it is Sascha Halb­huber as Emcee who is the star of the show. Despite his own cynicism, such is the emotion of his song “If you could see her” you feel he could almost have per­suaded Fräulein Schneider and Sally Bowles to pursue the possi­bility of happi­ness.And that´s despite dancing with a go­rilla in a dress.

Jennifer de Klerk for artslink
Holding it all together is German Sascha Halb­huber, perfectly cast as the mysterious, sensual, mocking Emcee, his very presence a commen­tary from the sidelines. He is polished, expressive and very much in control.

Peter Feldman for artslink
For me, a vital element of the entire production is the Master of Ceremonies who cements it all together and in Sascha Halb­huber they have a per­former with true inter­national credentials.

Leon de Nierop for artslink
The androgynous Emcee in the form of Sascha Halbhuber’s sly, fiendish colla­borator / observer is genial. From the moment his eyes glare at the audience through a slit in a door to his absor­bing sweeping Dr Faustus-movements across the stage, the audience is mesmerised by his per­formance.

The Mecury/ Durban / 11.August 2011/ Billy Suter
... The first charakter we meet is the musical´s most showy and memorable-the sexy. extrovert and exciting club master of ceremonies Emcee, played by beguiling German musical theatre star Sascha Halbhuber. His interpretation of the role is very different to Joel Greys iconical, malevolent imp in a tuxedo and with rouge cheeks, his Emcee having a penchant for leather and studs and beeing more sexually extrovert. And he is terrific!

Sunday Times / National / 14.8.2011 / Shelley Seid
... As the provocative Emcee of the Kit Kat Club, German actor Sascha Halbhuber dominates. He gives a mercurial performance in which he moves from coy transvestite to sexual predator, and from beguiling host to cynical commentator who holds up a mirror that reflects where theatre and reality blend. I was spellbound.